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We take tremendous pride in announcing that our 2020 edition of Namibia Travel Info Map has now been published, and will be ready for distribution very soon. This map can be viewed on Google My Maps as "Namibia Travel Info Map" and the link are available on our Facebook Page "Namibia Travel Info"or on our mobile website The globe is going digital, thus for us to keep up with the ever changing technology age, we would like to announce that Namibia Travel Info is now on Facebook… on this site, we will provide all clients and tourists with running commentary on what we are up to, and what you can expect to see from us in future… Also, we strive to be interactive and therefore invite all clients and users of the guide, to leave us a message on Facebook, and we will accommodate this to the best of our abilities… We wish all our tourist users and clients a safe journey around Namibia and if you want to extend your trip to Botswana visit our website Regards Namibia Travel Info Team Continue reading, Newsletter - 2020 Edition NAMIBIA TRAVEL INFO MAP - NOW AVAILABLE


A new project was launch for our Business Clients on four platforms: - Mobile website - Application free on Google Play Store "Namibia Business Info" from end July 2020. - Facebook Page "Namibia Business Info". - Google my Maps "Namibia Business Info Map" with links on Facebook page, mobile website & App. Continue reading, NAMIBIA BUSINESS INFO